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Citizens Mobilizing Against Thai Hydropower

Via the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a report on how citizens are using information to battle against hydropower projects on the Mekong: To counter the marginalization of community input in hydropower project planning, civil society organizations (CSOs) share information on the ecological and economic effects of dams during the Environmental Impact Assessment’s advised “policy window” […]

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Morocco’s Drought

Via BBC News, a report on Morocco’s drought: Morocco’s second-largest reservoir that serves some of its major cities and has been central to farm irrigation is drying up, according to satellite images analysed by the BBC. Al Massira Dam, which sits around halfway between Casablanca and Marrakesh, contains just 3% of the average amount of […]

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Wildcats & Black Sheep

Southeast Asia’s Potential in Critical Minerals

Via the Australia Strategic Policy Institute, a report on Southeast Asia’s potential in critical minerals: Global critical mineral demand is expected to increase dramatically in coming decades, from a 7.1 million tonnes in 2020 to 42.3 million tonnes in 2050. Global commitments to decarbonisation are the main drivers of this growth, because clean-energy technologies depend […]


Washington’s Failed Africa Policy Needs a Reset

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a look at the U.S. Africa policy: The latest evidence that Washington needs a new Africa policy is on display in Niger. After many months of intense political jockeying, the United States’ security partnership with the country looks likely to end. Following a recent visit by Molly Phee, the U.S. assistant secretary […]


Who’s Afraid of the Global South?

Via Foreign Policy, an article on fevisiting two 50-year-old U.N. resolutions should help dispel fears about a shifting economic world order: The global south is on the rise, with China’s emergence as the world’s largest economy, the top trading partner of more than 120 countries, and the single biggest development financer; the formation and subsequent expansion of the BRICS+ bloc; […]


Watergy Nexus

Is Hydropower Aging Out of the Clean Energy Race?

Via Anthropocene Magazine, a look at hydropower: the original carbon-free power source is the only renewable whose share is shrinking: It all started so well. Within three years of the first hydropower project at an English inventor’s home in 1878, there was an electricity plant at Niagara Falls, and soon many more around the world. For most […]


Water Scarcity and Clean Energy Collide in South Texas

Via Inside Climate News, a report on a high-tech chemical company that has purchased the last available water in the Nueces River to make hydrogen and ammonia for export: A New Jersey-based chemical company, Avina Clean Hydrogen Inc., has purchased the last available water supply from the Nueces River of South Texas, raising concerns of regional […]


Heat and Drought Sucking U.S. Hydropower Dry

Via The Verge, a report that hydropower in the wester US last year was the lowest it’s been in decades, and 2024 isn’t looking much better: The amount of hydropower generated in the Western US last year was the lowest it’s been in more than two decades. Hydropower generation in the region fell by 11 […]


Grid Unlocked

Surging Power Demand Spurs Smarter Electric Grid Use

Via Cipher News, a look at how surging power demand is spurring smarter electric grid use Demand for electricity is shooting up in the United States following two decades of relatively flat electricity use — and yet building more transmission lines to bring new sources of energy online is a slow, bureaucratic process. This tension is pushing the power […]


The Future of EV Charging is Bidirectional, If You Can Afford It

Via Wired, a look at how idle electric vehicles could act as massive batteries for homes and the energy grid. But the technology to pull this off is tricky: WITH MOST ELECTRIC vehicles parked at work or home all day, you may wonder whether you’ll save that much by having one. But what if someone told you […]


Will Renewables Break the Power Grid or Save It?

Courtesy of Anthropocene, a look at how the carbon-free promise of solar and wind teeters on high voltage wires: Adjusting for inflation, a barrel of oil today costs around the same as it did in the 1970s Oil Crisis. Solar photovoltaic modules over the same period now cost 500 times less—and prices are still falling, about […]


Seeds of A Revolution

Exporting Hay (and Water)

Via LandDesk, a report on international destinations of U.S. hay that is grown with limited U.S. water: Pretty much every time I write about the amount of Colorado River water that is consumed to irrigate alfalfa and hay, readers respond with a comment or question about how much of the alfalfa — and therefore Colorado […]


The Great Serengeti Land Grab

Via The Atlantic, a report on how Gulf princes, the safari industry, and conservation groups are displacing the Maasai from the last of their Serengeti homeland: It was high safari season in Tanzania, the long rains over, the grasses yellowing and dry. Land Cruisers were speeding toward the Serengeti Plain. Billionaires were flying into private hunting […]


A Global Hunt For Water For Agriculture Risks Draining Cities Dry

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report that – while taps in coastal Dakar barely trickle – an investment company uses Senegal’s only lake to irrigate crops it plans to send to Saudi Arabia: The Senegal River in West Africa musters its force from 200 centimeters (80 inches) of rain a year in the highlands of central […]



Gym Class VR Builds On Popularity With NBA Logos and Venues

Via Sports Business Journal, a look at how Gym Class VR is building on its popularity with the addition of NBA logos and venues: The mid-range jumper may be a lost art in the NBA game, but I sank one from just inside the free-throw line at the TD Garden, as the PA announcer called out the basket. […]


K-pop: The Rise Of Virtual Girl Bands

Via BBC, a look at the rise of virtual K-pop girl bands: Since releasing their debut single I’m Real in 2021, K-pop girl group Eternity have racked up millions of views online. They sing, dance and interact with their fans just like any other band. In fact, there’s mainly one big difference between them and […]


The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything

Via Time, a look at the metaverse and how it will revolutionize many aspect of our lives: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reports that in the first six months of 2022, the word metaverse appeared in regulatory filings more than 1,100 times. The previous year saw 260 mentions. The preceding two decades? Fewer than a dozen […]


Roof Options

Australia’s Push to Put More Solar Panels on Rental Homes

Via Eco Business, a look at Australia’s push to put more solar panels on rental homes: As a university student in Canberra, Eilis Fitt and her two housemates set rules to keep their electricity bill down – no heater in the living room unless everyone was home, and no turning on the washing machine or […]


This Italian Airport Will Soon Have a 19-Acre Working Vineyard on Its Roof

Via Food & Wine, a report on a new roof project in Florence: The airport in Florence, Italy, doesn’t have as many amenities as Italy’s significantly larger airports in Rome, Milan, and Venice. There aren’t any Hermes stores, you can’t pick up a Rolex before you board, and your dining options are limited to three unremarkable restaurants. But […]


The Global Buffetts

Constellation Software, Tech’s Berkshire Hathaway

Via The Economist, a look at a firm which many consider as technology’s Berkshire Hathaway: For older startups these are tough times. The weak recent stockmarket debuts of Arm, a British chipmaker, Instacart, a grocery-delivery group, and Klaviyo, a software firm, have dampened enthusiasm for initial public offerings. Venture capital (vc) has dried up. Data […]


The ‘Next Warren Buffett’ Curse Isn’t Always Fatal

Via Bloomberg, interesting commentary on how many – such as crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried couldn’t survive the comparison – but others who actually invest somewhat like the Berkshire Hathaway chairman fare better: A couple of months ago, crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried was peering out from the cover of Fortune magazine above the words “The Next Warren Buffett?” Now he’s at […]


Warren Buffett’s Protégé Is Building a Mini Berkshire

Courtesy of Wall Street Journal, a look at what some consider to be a Mini Berkshire: Tracy Britt Cool spent a decade working for Warren Buffett. She now wants to buy the kinds of companies that might have interested the famed investor 30 or 40 years ago. Those are businesses typically run by founders or […]


Networked Nature

Saving The Whales, With Technology

Via The Economist, a look at how new technology can keep whales safe from speeding ships: On march 3rd a whale calf washed ashore in Georgia, on America’s east coast, bearing slash marks characteristic of a ship’s propeller. Less than a month later another whale, a recent mother, was found floating off the coast of […]


Get Ready for the Robotic Fish Revolution

Via Hakai Magazine, a look at how swarms of robotic fish could soon make traditional underwater research vehicles obsolete: Human technology has long drawn inspiration from the natural world: The first airplanes were modeled after birds. The designer of Velcro was inspired by the irksome burrs he often had to pick off his dog. And […]


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