Water Politics

Millions of Americans Are In Water Debt

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report that more than 1.5 Million residential customers Owe $1.1 Billion to their water departments: Margurite McNeill, a Black woman who is 83, lives in a brick-sided, two-story house in Northwest Baltimore that her husband bought a half century ago. Soft spoken and composed, McNeill recalled changes in the […]

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Las Vegas Asking Companies That Want To Move or Expand How Much Water They Will Use

Via Business Insider, a look at how Las Vegas is asking companies that want to move or expand there to show how much water they plan to use: Las Vegas is trying to balance economic growth and water conservation. The city is evaluating how much water a new businesses will use before green lighting them.  Conserving […]

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Wildcats & Black Sheep

Kazakhstan: Building More Connections With The World

Via Nikkei Asia, commentary from Murat Nurtleu – deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Kazakhstan – on his nation’s economic program which aims to boost Europe-Asia cargo flows and accelerate the green transition: Kazakhstan is charting a reform course that will reverberate beyond its borders as it seeks to boost economic growth and attract […]


The Unexpected New Winners in the Global Energy War

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a report on the unusual alliances that Western nations are forging with countries such as Algeria, Azerbaijan, and Congo to replace natural gas from Russia: Once-obscure corners of the energy world, from offshore Congo to Azerbaijan, are booming as Europe finds new sources of natural gas to replace the […]


Watergy Nexus

The Swansong of African Hydropower?

Via Energy Daily, a look at the future of African hydropower: Abundant rainfall, massive gorges, enormous waterfalls: the geography of Africa has all the elements for producing electricity from river flow. For decades, many African countries have relied on hydropower for electricity generation, including projects that inspire as much awe as controversy. One only needs […]


Grid Unlocked

The SunZia Transmission Project and Carbon Tunnel Vision

Via The Land Desk, commentary on the SunZia transmission project and carbon tunnel vision: This May the Biden Administration gave the final go-ahead for the SunZia transmission line, which is designed to carry power from wind facilities in New Mexico to a major grid hub in the Phoenix area. The approval — which came after 17 years of […]


Is Your Fleet Ready for Vehicle-To-Grid?

Via GreenBiz, an article on how – before pursuing the reduced costs and environmental benefits promised by vehicle-to-grid tech – people should make these careful considerations: Fleets of electric vehicles that not only plug into a charger to sip power but also to feed power back to an electric grid or building are mostly a thing […]


U.S. Virtual Power Plants Expected To Proliferate

Via UtilityDive, a look at how battery storage and smart appliances make virtual power plants an increasingly viable option to address the intermittency of renewable energy: As an increasing supply of renewable energy resources requires greater reliability and resiliency for the power grid, virtual power plants are emerging as one way to ensure the supply […]


Seeds of A Revolution

Climate Change Could Drown China’s Food Security

Via Foreign Policy, a look at how China has a fifth of the world’s population but just 9 percent of its arable land—and that bit is increasingly underwater: China is reeling from a record-breaking summer of rainfall and flooding that submerged furrows and destroyed crops, offering a window into how climate change-fueled extreme weather will complicate […]


Cultivating Change: India’s Exploration of Contract Farming in Latin America

Via The Financial Express, a report on India’s interest in Paraguay’s agricultural potential: A delegation of agriculture and MSMEs agriculturists is set to travel to Paraguay, driven by the prospect of procuring land and initiating farming ventures. This burgeoning interest was spurred by a recent webinar jointly organized by the Indian Mission in Paraguay and […]


Norway, Sweden, and Finland Displace Ugandan Farmers for Carbon Trading

Via The Oakland Institute, commentary on a new front in the global farms race: Eviction notices and official company letters obtained by the Oakland Institute confirm the 2014 and 2017 exposés that revealed forced evictions of local communities and destruction of their livelihoods in Kachung, Uganda, by Green Resources, a Norwegian forestry company. Green Resources […]



Gym Class VR Builds On Popularity With NBA Logos and Venues

Via Sports Business Journal, a look at how Gym Class VR is building on its popularity with the addition of NBA logos and venues: The mid-range jumper may be a lost art in the NBA game, but I sank one from just inside the free-throw line at the TD Garden, as the PA announcer called out the basket. […]


K-pop: The Rise Of Virtual Girl Bands

Via BBC, a look at the rise of virtual K-pop girl bands: Since releasing their debut single I’m Real in 2021, K-pop girl group Eternity have racked up millions of views online. They sing, dance and interact with their fans just like any other band. In fact, there’s mainly one big difference between them and […]


The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything

Via Time, a look at the metaverse and how it will revolutionize many aspect of our lives: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reports that in the first six months of 2022, the word metaverse appeared in regulatory filings more than 1,100 times. The previous year saw 260 mentions. The preceding two decades? Fewer than a dozen […]


Roof Options

Google: Powering The Future With New Solar API

Can Google Maps help save the planet?  Back in 2014, Google helped a team launch Project Sunroof- an incredibly useful tool that uses Maps data to calculate how much sunlight a building receives and estimates how much solar energy it could generate.  It does this, with the help of a lot of computers and clever […]


Green Roofs: Why Don’t All Buildings Have Them?

Via The Conversation, a report on how green roofs improve the urban environment – so why don’t all buildings have them? Rooftops covered with grass, vegetable gardens and lush foliage are now a common sight in many cities around the world. More and more private companies and city authorities are investing in green roofs, drawn to […]


The Global Buffetts

The ‘Next Warren Buffett’ Curse Isn’t Always Fatal

Via Bloomberg, interesting commentary on how many – such as crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried couldn’t survive the comparison – but others who actually invest somewhat like the Berkshire Hathaway chairman fare better: A couple of months ago, crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried was peering out from the cover of Fortune magazine above the words “The Next Warren Buffett?” Now he’s at […]


Warren Buffett’s Protégé Is Building a Mini Berkshire

Courtesy of Wall Street Journal, a look at what some consider to be a Mini Berkshire: Tracy Britt Cool spent a decade working for Warren Buffett. She now wants to buy the kinds of companies that might have interested the famed investor 30 or 40 years ago. Those are businesses typically run by founders or […]


‘The Chinese Warren Buffett’ Owns $245M Stake in Berkshire Hathaway

Via Business Insider, an article on how an investor hailed as ‘The Chinese Warren Buffett’ just revealed a $245 million stake in Berkshire Hathaway — and now counts Buffett’s company among his biggest bets: A longtime associate of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger revealed a $245 million stake in Berkshire Hathaway this week. The purchase signals he has […]


Networked Nature

Five Ways AI Is Saving Wildlife

Via The Guardian, a look at why artificial intelligence has been identified as one of the top three emerging technologies in conservation, helping protect species around the world: There’s a strand of thinking, from sci-fi films to Stephen Hawking, that suggests artificial intelligence (AI) could spell doom for humans. But conservationists are increasingly turning to […]


How to Use AI to Talk to Whales—and Save Life on Earth

Via Wired, a look at how – with ecosystems in crisis – engineers and scientists are using AI to decipher what animals are saying, with the hope that – by truly listening to nature – humans will decide to protect it: BEFORE MICHELLE FOURNET moved to Alaska on a whim in her early twenties, she’d […]


USVs Could Deter IUU Fishing

Via the US Naval Institute, a report on how unmanned saildrones deployed primarily for maritime security at present, can support conservation efforts: In the opening scenes of Top Gun: Maverick, Admiral Chester Cain tells Maverick, “These planes you’ve been testing, Captain, one day, sooner than later, they won’t need pilots at all . . . […]


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